EasyPower Solar

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Experience camping like never before with EasyPower S630.

The light-weight and efficient EasyPower S630 solar power generator brings awesome power options to your campsite. The EasyPower S630 is the only portable power pack that includes a highly efficient 80W foldable solar blanket, an LED camping light and all of your connections to charge this revolutionary unit from the wall, the car or from the solar panels.

The EasyPower S630 boasts the latest in efficient lithium ion polymer (LiPo) battery technology so it lasts longer, has more recharge cycles with a higher capacity and wont get damaged if you leave it below its full charging capacity for long periods of time.

It’s everything you need to power your camp fridge or freezer, tools, devices & entertainment & it will even light up your campsite with included funky LED light!

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