Mammoth Tarp Kit

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7.32m x 9.14m Mammoth Tarp Kit

Be a Tarp Master with the MAMMOTH KIT!

MAMMOTH KIT is a massive camping tarpaulin shelter solution designed for multiple families, massive set ups and a large or multiple groups of campers. MAMMOTH KIT will fit over camper trailers & the largest of tents to protect your home away from home investment from harsh UV while keeping you dry and cool. The MAMMOTH KIT will make you a Tarp Master and will not flap in the wind or pool in the rain, is an easy 80 minute set up as well as;

  • Easy 80-minute set-up time
  • Suits large tents and camper trailers
  • Includes colour coded instructions
  • Provides protected outdoor areas
  • Keeps you dry in the wet
  • Reflects the harsh Summer heat
  • Is huge and easy to maintain
  • Perfect for weeks long adventures