The Tent Peg Rating


The CampKings Crew Tent Peg Rating Scale

As a family of campers, all too often the CampKings Crew find ourselves asking the same questions when we are deciding on a new campground to explore;

  • What can we do there?
  • What does it cost?
  • Is there room set up our EasyTarp?
  • Can we camp next to our vehicles?
  • Can we access it in a 2WD or 4WD only?
  • What facilities does the campground have?

Of course, not knowing what you'll find at a new campground is all part of the fun but if you turn up and it turns out you have to drive down a sketchy looking dirt track riddled with pot-holes and then carry your equipment a further 2 kilometres on foot until you finally reach your campground, only to find when you get there, that you wont be roasting your marshmallows over the fire because there are no open fires allowed... it can have a bit of a negative impact on your camping experience to say the least - especially if the kids have been looking forward to those toasty marshmallows for the last 6 weeks.  

So, to help prevent you finding yourself in such a situation and in line with our mission to enhance your camping experience, we decided to rate and review the campgrounds we visit, as we visit them. 


What is the CampKings Tent Peg Rating?

icon-tent-peg-rating.png icon-tent-peg-rating.png icon-tent-peg-rating-half.png icon-tent-peg-rating-nil.png icon-tent-peg-rating-nil.png

The CampKings Tent Peg Rating gives you a quick and informative insight into what you can expect when you decide to visit the campgrounds we have rated.

Formulated on a scale of 0 to 5 tent pegs;

> 5 being an absolutely outstanding campground that has all bells and whistles

> 0 being a campground with basic amenities

It is made up of options and facilities that we, as experienced campers feel, will make your camping experience all the more enjoyable. Bear in mind, a camping trip is what you make it... Just because campground receives a 2 Tent Peg rating on our scale doesn't mean it isn't worth exploring! Our scale can however, help you prepare for your camping trip by letting you know what to expect at the grounds, what you can do when you get there, what you should pack with you when you go as well as many other small but important snippets of information and while the CampKings Tent Peg Rating is only a guide, it is a guide that has been created by us as experienced campers in an effort to give you more time camping and less time fussing. 


How Does a Campground Score Pegs on the

CampKings Tent Peg Rating?


The CampKings Tent Peg Rating is based on a scale of 0 to 5, with 5 being an unbelievably outstanding campground and 0 being a basic campground. There are ten key options or amenities in total which are represented by their own icon and are worth a half a peg on the scale. 

These key options or amenities are as follows:  


Free Camping!! There are no camping fees at this campground. 



This campground has a running water supply or nearby creek water that can be treated for drinking.


Toilet facilities are available at this campground.




There are outdoor activities at this campground.


This campground is accessible in a 2WD vehicle.


You can camp next to your vehicle at this campground.


Marshmallows aplenty!! Campfires are generally permitted at this campground but be sure to check local fire bans first.


BBQ/Cooking facilities are available at this campground.


Kiosk/General Supply store is onsite or nearby this campground.


This campground receives enough mobile coverage to support text messaging at a minimum. (Based on Telstra Mobile coverage. Other providers may not be supported.)


Campground Information Icons 


In addition to the key options or amenities that provide the overall rating for a campground, you will also find a list of general information icons that relate to the campgrounds we have reviewed

Although they don't affect the rating of the campground itself, they are useful to assist with what you can expect on the way to and at your campground.


Access to this campground is recommended by 4WD only.


This campground is accessible in a campervan.


There is no mobile or wifi coverage at this campground.


The road to this campground is sealed.


The road to this campground is unsealed.


Tight lines!!! There is fishing at or near this campground.


Take a hike!! There are bushwalking trails at this campground.


Go jump in the lake!! There are places to swim near this campground.


Sorry, no pooches at this campground. 


Give a dog a bone at this campground because it's pooch friendly :)


Firepits are provided at this campground.


Firewood provided or available at or near this campground.


Ice available at or near this campground.


Powered sites or electrical outlets available at this campground.


This campground has enough mobile coverage to support online activities. (Dependant on provider.)


Rubbish disposal facilities are available at this campground.


Park Rangers are onsite or make regular visits to this campground.


Site bookings are essential or recommended at this campground.


Campsites are at least a ten minute walk from parking facilities at this campground.


Campsite and/or vehicle entry fees are charged at this campground.

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