The CampKings crew are a Family of campers and we really want to inspire you to get yourself, your friends and your family outdoors more often.

Although we have some really great and innovative camping products that you can purchase online, our main aim is to make getting outdoors affordable, enjoyable and as easy as possible in terms of setting up a great looking, functional camp site.


What is #GTFO?

Our version of #GTFO isn't much different to yours. In saying that, the idea of getting out... is exactly that - Getting outdoors, though as camping is usually a family oriented activity we've called it #GetTheFamilyOutdoors. The CampKings Crew invite you to join us in person or follow us online on our adventures when we #GTFO to a stack of different campsites in and around NSW. 


How do I #GTFO?

One of the most important components of getting outdoors is planning your adventure. You should try to plan everything from your adventure locations, your meals, your clothes and your activities. In the case of bad weather you should also plan a contingency and, if the weather is too adverse and nasty, you should even consider a different date to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

If you do plan to #GTFO - it is most important... to do it! Thats right, don't talk about doing it and not ever go.


Why should I #GTFO?

The pace of everyday living combined with the "schedule" of life and the amount of technology that surrounds us today is as hectic as its ever been... And it will NOT be slowing down anytime soon. For these (and many other) reasons, it is crucial that we take a break right away from this scheduled existence and re-set our natural beings. This can be achieved in as little as an overnighter or a weekend in the great outdoors.

By recalibrating our body clocks with nature, you will be amazed at the things that you, your friends and your kids will learn when you experience this re-setting of our natural being.

So the CampKings Crew are absolutely telling you, your friends and your family to #GTFO as often as you can and maybe we will see you round the grounds!