Heavy Duty D-Ring CROC Tarps

CampKings Australia only stocks the toughest & most durable tarpaulins for your camp set up!

Our Extra Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Range by CROC Tarps are a superior quality 240 gsm tarpaulin and are the strongest tarps in this category. Most tarps manufactured in Asia are not designed to handle the high UV levels found in Australia and they quickly loose strength and disintegrate. 

The silver top sheet reflects heat and deflects UV rays while the green under sheet can be used to absorb heat and deflect UV rays. UV treatment is performed on both sides of our tarpaulins and includes rust-proof Stainless Steel D-Rings at regular intervals ensure dependable tie down options.

This grade of tarpaulin is designed for maximum strength and typically used in construction and heavy industry but can also be used for camping and recreational use. D-Ring tarps ensure you will have a reliable camping shelter and protection for your campsite. No matter the weather - CampKings Australia tarps have got you covered.

CROC Tarp Features:

240 GSM Polyethylene material with 14 x 14 weave 

Tear resistant

100% Wind/Waterproof Triple Layer Protection

Ultraviolet Treated

Green layer absorbs heat and deflects ultraviolet rays/blends into natural background

Silver layer reflects heat and deflects ultraviolet rays

Stainless Steel rust-proof eyelets every 500mm or 1 metre (depending on tarp size)

Mildew & Rot Resistant

Rope edging sewn into hem for ease of handling

Stainless Steel D-Rings for additional hanging/securement options


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