EasyTarp Range

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The EasyTarp Range of tarpaulin camping shelters by CampKits Australia is the most unique, durable and innovative weatherproof shelter solution because it is the only Australian tarpaulin kit available that:

  • Includes a Go-Together-Guide for fast set up
  • Is designed for quick and efficient one person set up
  • Is colour coded for even easier, stress free set up
  • Includes all equipment required for a complete set up
  • WON’T FLAP in the wind & WON’T POOL in the rain
  • Kits contain only high quality components
  • Ensures structural integrity and product durability

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See what makes our EasyTarp Range unique:


 CampKings Australia guarantee our designs will deliver exactly what we say they will: 

  • A wind resistant (no flapping!), waterproof (no pooling) & sturdy structure 
  • Weather protection keeping you dry in the wet, and cool in the Summer heat
  • Easy single person set-up regardless of your camping experience level
  • Structural integrity and peace of mind  
  • An enhanced camping experience through elimination of stressful & time consuming set-ups while maximising storage & living space

Adding an EasyTarp tarpaulin shelter solution doesn't just give your camping setup an original and great look, our clever and simple design gives you more time to do the things you really want to do on your camping adventures.

No matter how large the tarp or how little your experience, the EasyTarp Range can be set up by YOU without the stress from awkward tarp set ups or the constant fixing and adjusting that usually goes hand in hand with a standard tarpaulin shelter. Best of all, it also means no more hiding out in the tent with a bunch of other “Happy Campers” while you wait for the rain to stop! 

The EasyTarp Range consists of quality products from Australian suppliers to ensure long life and durability that will extend your living areas and keep your entire campsite cool, dry and structurally sound. By combining the most highly regarded quality product suppliers in the country with our designs that are 100% Australian solutions, you WILL NOT find a tarp kit like this anywhere else in the world. The EasyTarp Range has been developed by campers, for campers, specifically to enhance your outdoor camping experiences.