Newnes Campground, NSW


The CampKings Crew are again on the hunt for a special and unique bush campground and this time we found ourselves heading to free camping at Newnes Campground in the Wollemi National Park, North of the Blue Mountains. This #GTFO adventure really felt like one that was a cut above the rest!

Newnes campground is known as Mother Natures amphitheater and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! It is a great place for a weekend getaway with family and friends, and it is accessible with your camper-van or camper trailer as well as a standard tent and tarp set-up

#GTFO Experience

Newnes is suitable for all vehicles, including motorcycles, and it is accessible in all weather, although it is recommended that 4WD is used in wet weather. Within 40 minutes the crew had set up with the FAMILY KIT B EasyTarp and even though we had hit some traffic on the way up, we still had time to explore the Wolgan River and the grounds before dark.

The main camping area is set in amongst a majestic “bowl” formed by the mountains that wrap around and dwarf everything contained within and as we chocked up the campfire and gazed skyward, the stars seemed to stretch to eternity. Later in the evening, another camper performed quite a good rendition of a Pavarotti classic and the acoustics of the campgrounds added to the moment.

The next morning after breakfast, we headed off to explore the glow worm caves and took a track towards the tunnels and ovens of the historic shale oil ruins which are located only a short way from the grounds. On return, the creek offered a place to take a cool dip and as we enjoyed a late lunch, the afternoon thunderstorm blew in with a crash – Fortunately, by having our EasyTarp it meant that we could grab a beer and continue to enjoy the scenic spot and we didn’t have to crawl in and hide as it passed through.

Newnes is a free camping ground, and there is even a general store a few minutes walk away where you can get ice creams and water.

There are no bookings and sites are not marked and as long as you are relatively well prepared, it is a really special place to escape to and makes for a really great campout experience.

The CampKings Crew have rated this site according to the Tent Peg Rating Scale. Check it out before you visit and we'd also love you to check out our EasyTarp camping tarpaulin tarp shelter set-up solutions here: CampKings EasyTarp camping tarp shelter solutions.

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Newnes is a great place to visit all year round, though temperatures can drop significantly in Winter so be prepared.  This road is suited to 2WD | AWD and 4WD vehicles and camper-vans and trailers are fine.

To get there, turn off the Castlereagh Highway at Lidsdale, 7km west of Lithgow and Newnes is 35km further on from the turnoff. It is mostly sealed road and then there is a stretch of unsealed dirt track that takes you to the camp ground. Access to the other campground on the opposite side of the Wolgan river is by walking or driving across the ford near the Newnes Hotel – But take care as the river levels can rise rapidly. If its flooded… Forget it!

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Canoeing and kayaking
Designated fire pits
Cave and rock climbing
Star gazing
Bird watching
Outdoor Adventuring
Industrial Ruins Walk
Glow Worm Tunnel




You should bring your Tent and Tarp set up (sites are not marked) - camper-trailer and camper-vans are also welcome. Bring fire-wood, drinking water, marshmallows, bocce and cricket set and paddle boards 




Plenty of large, flat camp sites to choose from and there is heaps to do. We also found some gold flakes stuck in quartz from the river…




The Glow worm caves are quite a trek from the camping ground so allow a full day to really experience this adventure!




  • CLICK HERE for info and availabilities
  • NPWS Rangers conduct regular visits to this camping area
  • This is a free camping ground
  • Sites are NOT powered
  • You can camp next to vehicle
  • Non Flush Toilets are available
  • Road access is by sealed and gravel road
  • Parking is available
  • Suitable for tents, camper trailers or camper-vans
  • There is NO mobile phone reception
  • Pets are not permitted
  • Water is not available at this campground
  • Remember to treat or boil all water taken from creeks in the park
  • You can swim in the Creek
  • Firewood is not supplied
  • Collecting firewood in the park is not permitted
  • Please take your rubbish with you when you leave




There are around 120 known Aboriginal sites in the park and it is believed that there are many more to be discovered. The Wiradjuri, Dharaug, Wanaruah and Darkinjung people have a strong and on-going cultural association with their traditional lands and waters. The Wollemi landscape has been sculpted over thousands of years to create a network of sandstone escarpments, gorges and canyons that seem to collide in this area and as a result these formations are recognized as the most extensive sandstone canyon system in Eastern Australia. Breathtaking and mighty they sit in the World Heritage listed park and provide shelter for the rare Wollemi pine who was re-discovered here in 1994. You will also see your regular natives like Eastern Grey Kangaroos and the brush-tailed rock wallaby as well as the broad-headed snake and the glossy black cockatoo.


You can Click Here to learn more about our Tent Peg rating scale

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