One Mile Beach | #GTFO Teaser

One Mile Beach | #GTFO Teaser

Its almost time again... 


The CampKings crew are ready to pack up and #GTFO #GetTheFamilyOutdoors - This time we are heading to the beautiful North Coast of NSW to catch the last of the Summer heat. We are going to camp right near Port Stephens at One Mile Beach Holiday Park. Here is our #GTFO One Mile Trailer and we will be featuring the MEGA KIT from the Tar-POLE-In Range by CampKits Australia

Join us in person OR on facebook or twitter by posting your own adventure pics to our social media pages - We'd love to see what you discovered and find out where you went!!

#GTFO #GetTheFamilyOutdoors with CampKings Australia

See you round the campgrounds and enjoy our new #GTFO trailer!

The CampingKing