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Recently, the CampKings Crew launched their Get The Family Outdoors campaign and through our #GTFO social network, I had the pleasure of meeting with single mum Fiona Grosser. It quickly became very clear to me that Fiona is not only passionate about camping and sharing these special outdoor experiences with her two young daughters, but she is also greatly committed to inspiring single parents through her Single Mum Camping face book page and One Parent Camping website, that packing up and taking the kids on an overnight adventure (or longer) is not only possible, but also very beneficial and rewarding. 

Getting out to spend a night under the stars will be one of the best gifts that you could ever share with your kids and with the right preparation, knowledge and guidance, you will create an experience for your kids that you will remember and reflect on for the rest of your lives. 

Camping is quite simple and if you do a little research on your destination, plan your stay and hope that the weather is on your side you'll have a really great time. It is also important to find the right camping goods supplier in order to gain good advice, get the right equipment and keep your campings costs low whilst purchasing quality stuff. 

Camping it is still very affordable if you shop well, but a lot of parents, single parents and particularly single Mums, feel that they couldn't do it, have been told that they shouldn't do it, or are just plain unsure of how to go about it. 

If you have ever even asked yourself:

Where would I go? 

When would I go? 

What do I need? 

How much will it cost? 

Who can come with me? 

Then you are on the way to your first overnight adventure!

Single Mums & One Parent Camping 

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The Single Mums Camping facebook page and One Parent Camping website, have been created by Fiona in order to inspire and support single parents in their quest to #GetTheFamilyOutdoors and create some really memorable life experiences with each other. Fiona is a single mum, mother of two young girls and lives in rural Vic on a small farm with ponies and sheep. They love to explore local forests and go on mini-camping trips whenever they can. 

" You can do it! I am! Don't ever let anybody, even your own self-doubts, hold you back. Get out there and start living!!!!! - I work two jobs and study uni by correspondence. Life is hard, but with stubbornness we get there! "

You can follow and join Fiona on her Facebook page or at her website and if you have any hesitations you can contact the CampKings Crew also.

CampKings Australia are blessed to have had Fiona and her family welcome us into her camping community. If you do know someone who is a single parent I would recommend that you get them onto Fiona's facebook  page and help them to share an outdoor camping experience with their kids.