Tarp Tips #11 | What Sized Tarp?

Tarp Tips #11 | What Sized Tarp?

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Tarp Tips #11

What Sized Tarpaulin To Get?

So you’ve decided to get a tarpaulin. You’ve tried the gazebo and it was a fail… 

It toppled and blew across the campsite (nearly taking out your neighbours) and finally buckled and bowed under the weight of the down-pour overnight! 

Gazebo FAIL! Gazebo...FAIL! 

Now, the only question left is:

What sized tarp should you get? 

To answer this question, there are a series of important thing to consider in order to avoid making the wrong choice.

You should ask yourself;

Where are you camping?

  • Are there restrictions on the camp site size
  • Does the ground allow for tarp set ups
  • Can I get a tarp into and out of the site easily

How many campers are in the group?

  • Are you covering the tents only
  • Are you setting up a communal area only
  • Are you covering the entire site – tents and cooking / communal areas

What sized tent / trailer do you have?

  • Is your tarp purely to protect your tent / camper trailer
  • What is the max height / length of your set up and is it centred
  • What does your set up look like under a tarp (draw it out)

What sheltered outdoor options (if any) are you considering?

  • Are you creating sheltered kitchen & cooking areas
  • When it rains, do you want a comfortable space outside of the tent
  • Do you want areas protected from wet and heat for dining and gear storage

What extra gear do you have?

  • Where will you store bikes, activities, games sets
  • Where can you set up and store your favourite camping chair and fishing rods
  • Where will you stack tubs, bags, trolleys until pack up day

How confident am I in setting up a tarp?

  • Have I thought about the set-up process
  • Do I have all the equipment required for a solid and functional tarp set up
  • How will I position my campsite for the best protection \ views \ experience

These are just a few of the considerations to take into account when looking to buy a tarpaulin camping shelter solution. 

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