Tarp Tips #19 | Essential tarp set-up components?

Tarp Tips #19 | Essential tarp set-up components?

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Tarp Tips #19

Essential tarp set-up components

In order to set up a really sturdy, great looking and low maintenance tarpaulin shelter kit for my campsite, what will I need? This depends on the type of shelter you are trying to create. 

There are 3 popular methods of tarp set-up that you can consider;

1) The Temporary or Overnight shelter

The temporary or overnight tarp shelter set-up requires;

  • 1 x light weight nylon blend or plastic poly blend tarp sheet
  • 2 x poles or hiking sticks
  • 6 x single light weight ropes
  • 6 x ground pegs

A temporary tarp shelter will usually consist of a small tarp made of nylon (similar to that of tent material) or a poly plastic blend and is great for hiking and covering your swag. For this style of shelter, the tarp would not usually exceed about 3m x 3m (12Ft x 12Ft) and is not recommended for anything more than an overnight campout. It will not usually require any more than 2 poles (some string it up between trees), a couple of ropes and some pegs to secure it. While it will give you some added protection inside your tent, it wont allow you to create any functional outdoor protected options such as cooking areas, covered chill-out space or anywhere to store your extra gear.

2) The Traditional Tarpaulin shelter

The traditional tarp shelter set-up requires;

  • 1 x heavy duty poly blend tarp
  • 7Ft and 9Ft poles
  • Centre Ridge Rail (for tarps 14Ft and wider)
  • Double guy ropes (1 for each corner & centre poles)
  • Single guy ropes (1 for each support pole)
  • Heavy duty steel ground pegs

A traditional tarp shelter will require a lot more equipment, time and patience and some skill to erect it effectively. For this style of shelter, you can have a tarp size that could span anywhere from 3m x 3m (12Ft x 12Ft) right up to 9.14m x 9.14m (30Ft x 30Ft) or greater. It will usually require 2 or more people (and quite often every available camper) to get it started and to complete the set-up. While it can be fun to work together to set-up, the effort required for a great tarp is also the cause of stress and frustration (even costs friendships) on the campsite at set-up and pack down! In particular, when the wind and rain comes up, it requires you to perform ongoing checks and maintenance in order to prevent the shelter from flapping, pooling with water collection in the end, collapsing.

This traditional style of tarp will give you added protection from heat and rain inside your tent as well as outside by allowing you to create functional outdoor protected options such as cooking areas, covered chill-out spaces and areas to store your extra gear.

3) The EasyTarp Tarpaulin solution

EasyTarp Range | CampKings Australia

The EasyTarp set-up requires;

  • No experience in setting up tarps
  • 1 x EasyTarp CampKit (includes instructions and all the gear)
  • 1 x suitable campsite
  • A bunch of keen campers

If you are going to consider any tarpaulin shelter set-up for your camp site, you should really look to invest in a solution that is great quality, durable, quick and easy. An EasyTarp tarp shelter kit solution is a unique camping tarp shelter solution that includes everything you need to set-up – Instructions, the tarp and even the mallet!

For this style of shelter, tarp kits begin with the EZI KIT at 3.66m x 3.66m (12Ft x 12Ft) and go as large as the XTREME KIT at 6.10m x 9.14m (20Ft x 30Ft). They can be set up for anything from an overnight camp-out to a month long adventure. Weekend get-aways are perfect with the CAMPA KIT and for the family there is the FAMILY KIT and FAMILY KIT B.

What’s more, these EasyTarp tarpaulin shelter kits are designed for a quick and easy, solo person set-up. 

These Camping shelter solutions will not only give you added protection for your tent or camper trailer, they will allow you to easily create heaps of functional outdoor areas such as cooking areas, covered chill-out space and areas to store your extra gear. Best of all a CampKings EasyTarp will reduce the heat in your tent, protect you from harmful UV and enhance your camping experience. 

EasyTarp Tarp Kits are really tarpaulin solutions like you have never seen!

These single person tarpaulin camp shelter solutions are a real camping essential and an investment for in quality camping gear so checkout the EasyTarp Range from CampKings Australia.

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